Ups & Downs

by Thee Operators



releases 06 March 2015



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Thee Operators Vegadotos, Spain

Thee Opeartors
Punk-power pop trio from Asturias, Spain

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Track Name: Trippin'

By the time I met you
You were going ‘round in circles
Looking sad & out of your mind
I must go
And never come back home

I don’t have a girlfriend
Or a single friend to call my own
And you know I hate my job
I must go, now I know
Let me go
Drive far away from home
And get it done (get it done!)
Away from home (away from home!)
I’ll hit the road.

I could know Brazil
Or fly to Italy in spring
Or ride some waves in the coast of Taiwan
Searching a new track
If I got bored I’d come back

I can dance in France
Or pray with Dalai in Nepal
And teach’em all how to rock with a band
Make it in London
Go ‘round the world in a boat
The best is yet to come
I’ll get it done…
Let me go, baby, I must go (x2), I’m getting so bored, I’ll get it done